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Acta Oncologica 2009


Variables and description of files available in the main NOCCA database

Type Denmark Finland Iceland Norway Sweden
Census periods 1970 1970, 1980, 1990 1981 1960, 1970, 1980 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990
Level Aggregated Individual Individual Individual Individual
Number in file N/A (2 mill) 3.4 mill (20% sample) 0.1 mill 2.6 mill 6.8 mill
Date of birth No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Date of death / emigration No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cause of death No No No Yes (1960-2003) No
Date of immigration No No No Yes No
Gender Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Census 1960 occupation No No No NYK NYK
Census 1960 industry No No No NYK No
Census 1960 education No No No Yes No
Census 1970 occupation Predefined NYK No NYK NYK
Census 1970 industry No No No NYK No
Census 1970 education No No No Yes No
Census 1980 occupation No NYK ISCO-68 NYK NYK
Census 1980 industry No No Yes NYK No
Census 1980 education No No Predefined Yes No
Census 1990 occupation No NYK No No NYK
Census 1990 industry No No No No No
Census 1990 education No No No No No
Cancer data 1971-2003 1971-2005 1982-2004 1961-2003 1961-2005
Site Predefined ICD ICD ICD Predefined
Date of diagnosis No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Histology/morphology No ICD ICD ICD No
Detailed cancer data No Yes No Yes No
Child births     Yes child 1-14  
Marital status       1960,1970, 1980  
Length of education       1970, 1980  
Major source of income       1960, 1970, 1980  
Work hours per year at census       1970, 1980  
Income       1970, 1980  
Spouse/partner's occupation       1970, 1980  
Predefined : predefined categories as given in the publication
NYK : Nordisk Yrke Klassifisering
ICD : International classification of diseases
ISCO - International Standard Classification of Occupations