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Acta Oncologica 2009


Results from Occupations and Cancer - follow-up of 15 million people in the five Nordic countries

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Mouth and pharynx
140 Lip cancer
141 Cancer of the tongue
142 Cancer of the salivary glands
143-144 Cancer of the oral cavity
145-148 Cancer of the pharynx
145 Cancer of the oropharynx
146 Cancer of the nasopharynx
GI and digestive system
150 Oesophageal cancer
  Adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus
151 Stomach cancer
151.1 Cardia cancer
152 Cancer of the small intestine
153 Colon cancer
154 Rectal cancer
155 Liver cancer
  Hemangiosarcoma of the liver
155.1 Cancer of the gallbladder
157 Pancreatic cancer
Respiratory system
160 Nasal cancer
  Adenocarcinoma of the nose
161 Laryngeal cancer
162,163 Lung cancer
  Adenocarcinoma of the lung
  Small cell cancer of the lung
  Squamous cell cancer of the lung
  Other and unspecified lung cancer
158, 162.2 Mesothelioma in the pleura/peritoneum
Genitals and urinary organs
170 Breast cancer
  Ductal breast cancer
  Lobular breast cancer
171 Cancer of the cervix uteri
172 Cancer of the corpus uteri
173 Choriocarcinoma
175 Ovarian cancer
175.1 Cancer of the fallopian tube
176 Cancer of the vulva
176.1 Vaginal cancer
177 Prostate cancer
178 Testicular cancer
  Testicular seminoma
  Testicular non-seminoma
179 Cancer of the penis
180 Kidney cancer
180.1 Cancer of the renal pelvis
181 Cancer of the bladder, ureter, and urethra
190 Skin melanoma
190.6 Skin melanoma, upper limbs
191 Non-melanoma skin cancer
191.6 Non-melanoma skin cancer, upper limbs
Eye and brain
192 Eye cancer
  Malignant melanoma of the eye
193 Brain cancer
Thyroid, endocrine organs, bone, and soft tissues
194 Thyroid cancer
  Follicular thyroid cancer
  Papillary thyroid cancer
195.0 Cancer of the glandula suprarenalis
195.1 Cancer of the glandula parathyreioeda
195.2 Cancer of the thymus
195.3 Cancer of the hypophysis
195.4 Cancer of the corpus pineale
196 Bone cancer
197 Soft tissues
Hematological diseases
200,202 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
201 Hodgkin lymphoma
203 Multiple myeloma
204 Leukaemia
  Chronic lymphatic leukaemia
  Acute myeloid leukaemia
191/205 Mycosis fungoides
Other / All
199 Other/unknown site
  Borderline tumour of the ovary
140-204 All malignant neoplasms